The Queens Hotel, Leeds

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The Queens
City Square
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The Queens Hotel, owned by Q Hotels, is a well known landmark in the centre of Leeds. The 4 star hotel is located right next to the train station and is famous for its Art Deco interior and lights up at night as an attractive city feature.

Signs Now were asked to quote for and subsequently manufacture, supply and install large individual letters to replace what was currently there. We had to meet first with the head of properties for Q Hotels and then also a representative from the rail company, as the installation would require closing the road to the adjacent train station.

The road leading to the train station, but also the police station, taxi rank and bus station, needed to be closed so dates for phase 1 of the installation were agreed when there would be least disruption. We had to go through various channels to get approvals and permits during August - one of the busiest times of the year. A weekend was agreed upon and work had to be done during certain times of day, which was 9am until 2pm, causing minimal disruption to guests of the hotel with drilling. Due to the restricted times, we sent over 10 of our fitters in 5 teams of 2. Our teams needed to be off site by 2pm and the road re-opened and scaffold towers removed, so working efficiently was of paramount importance.

When the fitters from Signs Now arrived on site, they were required to do a site induction with the railway company, as they were working so closely to it, and also to wear high visibility jackets that conformed with railway regulations.

Our team had to remove existing letters and replace with new ones.  There were 3 elevations to the hotel that we had to replace the signage on, which were face lit built up powder coated aluminium letters. These 3D letters were manufactured in house with acrylic faces and internal LED illumination by BALT LED which has a 5 year warranty. All wiring was connected by a qualified electrician. The largest letters installed measured around 800mm tall.

In addition to the permits required, the main challenge was traffic management and access. We sourced an external traffic management company to direct traffic and pedestrians. A scaffold tower was fixed to the front elevation of the building to enable fitters to reach the sign safely and securely. 

The second phase of the installation is due to be completed before the end of October 2015.